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Organize Responsive search ad

Project Overview

Our team at [Company Name] was engaged by Oscar’s Bakery to develop a responsive search ad campaign, with the goal of promoting their newly launched online ordering feature. As part of this campaign, we sought to entice customers with the offer of free delivery and a 15% discount on all online orders. To accomplish this, we conducted extensive research on industry best practices for creating responsive search ads, and leveraged this knowledge to develop a highly effective ad campaign that resonated with the target audience.

Through targeted and personalized messaging, we were able to drive significant engagement and conversions for Oscar’s Bakery, resulting in an impressive increase in online orders. The success of this project is a testament to our team’s expertise in developing high-impact responsive search ad campaigns, and we look forward to the opportunity to work on similar projects in the future.

Organize Responsive search ad

Project Execution and Results

In this project, we successfully executed a responsive search ad campaign for Oscar’s Bakery, a vegan, organic and gluten-free bakery that had just launched an online ordering feature. The goal of the campaign was to promote the new feature by offering free delivery and 15% off on all online orders. We organized the ad’s details in a spreadsheet and crafted multiple headlines and descriptions that were relevant to the bakery’s keywords to match potential customers’ search queries. Additionally, we wrote ad extensions to provide additional important information. Our approach was structured and adhered to best practices, resulting in increased website traffic and sales for the bakery.

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