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Ad Campaign Planner

Project Overview

Brown‘s Bedding and More recently completed a paid social media campaign to promote the company‘s website upgrades and encourage more customers to purchase online. As part of this campaign, Brown‘s Bedding and More offered a 20% discount on all online orders, making it a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Project Execution and Results

The project execution and results of the Browns Bedding and More paid social media campaign were successful. As a digital marketer, my role was to develop and execute the campaign with the objective of driving traffic to the companys website with a 20% discount offer. To achieve this goal, I followed a welldefined process that included; defining the campaigns objective, describing the target audience, selecting a social platform, selecting an ad format, planning the creatives, and developing a call to action. The campaign was rolled out on Facebook using a static image ad format as it was more effective in visualizing the product and included a call to action button. The creatives for the ad were carefully selected and included visual assets and text designed to address the demographic, goal, and barriers of the target audience. The call to action was clear, used action words, and was brief, with no more than five to seven words.

The campaign was successful in driving website traffic and achieved the desired results.

  • Clients:
    Brown's Bedding
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    Social Media Marketing
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