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Social listening insights

Project Overview

This project was a social listening campaign hired by Great Grounds, a small regional chain of coffee shops, to gain an understanding of their audience, sentiment around their brand and its main competitor (Java House), as well as identify any emerging industry trends. Data was collected in a spreadsheet, and then filtered and analyzed to generate insights.


Project Execution and Results

This project involved the collection of comments and mentions of Great Grounds, its products, competitors and related keywords from Twitter. The gathered data was stored in a spreadsheet which included five main columns: Mention, Sentiment, Gender, Interest and Region. To start, a filter of the Mention column was conducted to isolate positive sentiment mentions. These mentions were then further reviewed to provide insight into the topics people are talking about, spot trends and gain an understanding of what people like about Great Grounds. Our findings were documented in the Insights column of the social listening insights template.

After completing the project, we analyzed the mentions by negative sentiment and reviewed the negative mentions to identify trends and what people did not like about Great Grounds. We documented our findings in the Insights column of the social listening insights template. We further filtered the data according to criteria such as mentions of Great Grounds or its competitor, Java House, specific flavors, gender, interest, or region, and reviewed the filtered data to record our findings in the Insights column. Subsequently, we formulated plans of action to improve our marketing strategy based on the data we gathered.


  • Clients:
    Great Grounds
  • Category:
    Social Media Marketing
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