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Social Media Report

Project Overview

This project aimed to increase engagement on Twitter for Great Grounds by creating two tweets related to daylight savings time. Through data analysis, the project also sought to determine the most effective strategies for increasing engagement, such as the use of funny images, text, and relevant hashtags. The data collected was analyzed, then used to inform future social media strategy for the business. Lastly, an email report was crafted to present the data in a clear and concise manner, providing valuable insights and helping Great Grounds achieve its goals.

Project Execution and Results

The project began with the export of data from the social media platform, followed by a review of metrics and comparison of the data between two tweets. The analysis of content and other details, such as text, assets, hashtags, and time of day of the post, was conducted to identify patterns or differences that may have impacted performance. Based on the findings, changes were recommended to Great Grounds social media strategy, such as creating more engaging and personalized content with a clear call to action, posting at the right time to reach the target audience, and using relevant hashtags to increase discoverability and engagement. To further support the project, charts and visualizations were created to present the data in a clear, concise and easytounderstand manner to stakeholders. Details of the steps taken in the project can be found in theSocial media data analysis project.

The project has been successfully completed with the crafting of an email report to share the analysis and recommendations with senior stakeholders. This report was designed to present data in a visually compelling way, providing valuable insights and enabling the business to reach its objectives. The email report contains an overview of the campaigns goals, key discoveries from the data analysis, and suggestions for future social media strategy. Additionally, charts and visualizations are included to help stakeholders easily understand the data.

This project has highlighted the importance of crafting effective social media reports and how it can assist businesses in making informed decisions from data analysis. By presenting data in a straightforward, concise and easytounderstand manner, social media reports can offer valuable insights and help businesses fulfill their goals.

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    Great Grounds
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